Front Sight

Shotgun Training No Easier Nor Less Important Than Other Firearms Training

Its shotgun training is one of the many things that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute stand above the competition. Front Sight's shotgun training is unlike anything offered by any other shooting school in America. As such, it is the most successful gun training institute in America: every year, Front Sight trains more students than all other shooting schools in the nation combined. And when one asks why this is, the only answer he or she should expect is that Front Sight is headed by one of the finest firearms training gurus in the world.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of Front Sight. Dr. Piazza is, along with being a former chiropractor, a Four Weapons Combat Master. Four Weapons Combat Master is, simply, a title given only to those who have received the most extensive of firearms training. A Four Weapons Combat Master is one that has received handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training and submachine gun training beyond an expert level. The certification test is extremely difficult, and very few of those who attempt it actually succeed. Dr. Piazza did succeed, and was actually the second person in the world to attain the certification, despite having been published for twelve years.

So Dr. Ignatius Piazza, because he started at the very bottom of the totem pole of gun training, and knew that his end result would be starting a firearms training school of his own, analyzed all the data he received not only as a student but also as a future trainer.

And what is the end result of all the training, all the analyzing? The finest firearms training school in America. Front Sight, being one of the youngest firearms training schools in America, wouldn't be training the most students annually if there was anything wrong with their training. All students can rest assured that Front Sight is what it promises to be: the best firearms training extant.

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