Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza

Ignatius Piazza's Two-by-Fours Quiver at the Sound: Front Sight

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, a former chiropractor turned firearms training institute founder and director by day. By night – well, still a former chiropractor turned firearms training institute founder and director, but a director & founder trained a sight better than most any other individual on the planet. Dr. Ignatius Piazza holds the certification for what is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, weapons expert titles on the planet. Twelve years after its publication, only one man had ever become a Four Weapons Combat Master. Dr. Piazza became, in 1993, the second man.

So how did Ignatius Piazza go from being a gun-enthusiast physician to a Four Weapons Combat Master? His life was put in danger by a group of thugs driving through his neighborhood. These thugs decided to drive through his neighborhood, shooting up everything in the area. There was no rhyme nor reason to their doing so: they merely wanted to destroy some things. As he realized he had no way of defending himself, Dr. Piazza realized others had no way of defending themselves. So he set off on a journey to learn enough about firearms and their safe, effective, responsible use that he could, in turn, train others quickly and efficiently.

Realizing that while to own a gun isn't terribly difficult, it is difficult to find a place to really learn to use it, Ignatius Piazza started formulating a program and set of courses that could effectively educate someone in the use of firearms. He continued searching for the best firearms training and uncovered the Four Weapons Combat Master test. After months and hundreds of hour of practice, he became a Four Weapons Combat Master. This achievement brought him ever closer to the dream that is Front Sight. He condensed his training and created the programs and courses for Front Sight, making it America's finest firearms training school, training more students than all other shooting schools in the nation combined. Self defense training? handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training? Self defense training of any kind? Front Sight is the answer.


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