Front Sight

Handgun Training The Most Important Self Defense Training You Can Get

Handgun training is something most Americans associate with cops - cops and maybe the Army. The answer to "Who gets handgun training?" is likely "the police". SURELY any citizen interested in or receiving handgun training is a threat that should be investigated by the F.B.I., right? Wrong. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is sure that the opposite is the truth. Firearms training, and handgun training, is absolutely necessary for any American, any citizen who wants to keep himself and his loved ones safe.

According to the founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, guns are only tools, the real weapon is the person holding the gun. Listen to him and you'll hear that firearms training keeps the person using the gun safe and effective. Who is Dr. Piazza, though?

Dr. Piazza was a chiropractor with a successful practice in southern California. Gun training was certainly one of the last things on his mind. About a decade ago, however, Dr. Piazza's home and neighborhood were attacked in a random drive-by shooting. Dr. Piazza, clearly surprised and frightened, took cover on the floor of his living room. During all this, he was struck with the realization that if this drive-by shooting were to turn into a home invasion, he would be left defenseless, because although he owned firearms and shot them at a range, he never received firearms training that showed him what to do.

This started him on a trek to receive the world's finest firearms training and then, in turn, deliver training to other men and women who may have had similar realizations. He traveled all across America, receiving training from men and women who were considered the finest shooters and firearms training instructors. His training included shotgun training, rifle training and handgun training. The firearms training he received he eventually compiled and added to, to create Front Sight Firearms Training Institute's program and ostensibly extensive training regimen.

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