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Gun Training Isn't the Answer. Gun Training is the Question, Front Sight is the Answer

Showcased in a recent Black Belt Magazine article, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is a revolutionary idea in the firearms training industry, and a new way of life for all Americans. Front Sight is the first of its kind: a world-class, luxury gated community – much like a golf community – based around guns and gun training. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of Front Sight. Dr. Piazza feels we live in a day and age when we need to be completely knowledgeable on guns and their effective control. The only way to do that, he says, intensive, hands-on training, available at Front Sight.

From Dr. Piazza's viewpoint, while it was common in America's past to be trained with guns because of their practical use (on homesteads in the prairies, for hunting in the forests, etc.), today guns have become either recreational, military or illegal. Gone is the idea that guns are something that every law-abiding citizen should be trained in and capable with. We have reached an unprecedented epoch where seeing someone with a gun – or weapon of any kind – instills a sense of fear or panic in the general public. In America's past, it was common to see a man walking through town with a sword or pistol on his hip or a rifle in his hand. Today, such a thing would incite a panic.

Front Sight, through its vastly superior gun training, empowers citizens and individuals day after day. Its hope: gone will be the days when an average citizen thinks that guns are anathema to American life. Its plans: upcoming development at Front Sight near Las Vegas, Nevada, now training up to 500 people per weekend, which currently includes a 5,400 square-foot martial arts gymnasium that will expand to 12,000 square feet. 15 operational ranges and 400 yards of underground training tunnels, a five-story, world-class rappelling tower. Six additional firing ranges will be added and a state-of-the-art evasive-driving course are scheduled to open later this year. Big plans are under way at Front Sight; will you be a part of them?

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