Front Sight

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Takes The Lead in the Industry

Featured for its stellar firearms training in Black Belt Magazine, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has been at the tip of everyone's tongues in the gun training industry. Front Sight is the nation's largest firearms training school. Every year, Front Sight trains more students than all other shooting schools in America combined. The founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, has made it his personal mission to get all Americans self defense training with guns.

That's right: Dr. Ignatius Piazza considers gun training and formal firearms training nothing more than self defense training, one just happens to be armed while doing it. His viewpoint does ring with quite a bit of sense: one might get Tae Kwon Do training or Tai Chi in order to understand how the body works better, and therefore not be caught in a bad position if one ever finds himself in a fight. Why wouldn't one also get self defense training focused on how to increase the odds in your favor even more: being armed?

And why wouldn't Americans get firearms training, as Dr. Piazza and Front Sight want them to so badly? Answer: because they're afraid. That's right, Americans are afraid of gun training. Well, they're really afraid of guns, but gun training has the word "gun" in it, so it must be just as scary as guns! Right? Wrong.

According to Dr. Piazza and Front Sight, guns are only tools, it's the user which is the weapon. According to them, gun training, formal firearms training can turn any gun user into a safe, responsible, effective firearms user. Dr. Piazza is sick of hearing people be afraid of firearms. Front Sight and Dr. Piazza are delivering firearms training to thousands of families every year, why should yours be any different? Firearms training makes firearms confrontable and usable.

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